Monday, April 13, 2015

day 348

So this week wasnt the most productive ever but we got to watch conference so that was good we wasted almost all our money going to and from São João to watch conference and to go to Zone meeting and all that junk!!! But we did find some new peeps here so thats pretty much the best thing that happened aside from conference. Só aqui no Espirito Santo do Pinhal

Love Elder Smith

Have you met many people since being in your new area?
Yea there are some really cool members and then there are just some okay members...

Is your companion good to you?  Patient?  
Yea if anything i need to be patient with him and just wait for him to die (missionary term...end his mission)

Package come yet?
Not That i know of no not yet but we have Multi zone conference on Tuesday and we'll see there

Your companion is really young for going home in two months...did he go right as soon as he turned 18?  Is he younger than you even?
Yea he left like 5-6 months after turning 18

Greatest thing that happened this week?
We found an 18 year old and we are going to talk with him again this Thursday and if we feel it invite for Baptism!!

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