Monday, April 27, 2015

day 362

So this week we did some work and then we did some more work then the members fought and then we did some more work then they fought again. We told Pres. Canuto and he just told us if they start talking about the fight the they have here we are to burn them and tell them they need to repent and to kill the subject and this week the stake Pres. came and talked with the families that are involved and they "settled" it so lets see if the attendece rate goes up this next week! We have some cool Investigators that are kids of an RC Irecent convert...I had to ask) they all have kids and they are all from another city and they are trying to stop smoking and we are helping them by doing a ciggaret tea that when they drink it, it takes away the desire to stop smoking and so its like an opposite reaction to the tabacco and makes them not want it anymore!! One of them went to church this week and we have an FHE  with them!! Hopefully we can get a date marked with them for pretty soon!!
Thats about it this week until next week!! 
Love Elder Smith

do you write other missionaries in our ward?  Tyler? Bekah?  Perhaps Ryus?
I have but i havent for a while

How is your ward doing?  Tell me some good things about it...I remember you told us one time that you ate some really good food at your favorite member's house.
Well its going but we'll see 

What is your favorite thing about your companion?
Even though he's going home soon he still works some...

Will you have more information about our calling on mother's day next week? or do you have some now?
We'll call on the 10th idk times yet but transfers are next tuesday so we'll see...

Did you finally get the easter package?
Yup i did!! Next one i want J-Dawg souce

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