Monday, April 20, 2015

day 355

So this week was a stressfull one we didnt get much done this week cuz the Branch that im in isnt the best here. They only fight one with another and its always the same people who start it every time its really affecting our work here cuz we bring Investigators to church and tell them that its an environment where its all good but then we get there and they see all the tension in the air that is here!!! Other than that its all good here in Pinhal. We dont have the best teaching group it could be better but im tired and so is my comp with the Branch here and all the crap thats going on... but its good to live in 4 (2 companionships) at a moment like this cuz then we can all talk about it and de-stress with each other. Dont have much more to say... 

Love Elder Smith

What you going to do today?
we went fishing again and we cought about 30 all together just me and my comp cuz the other two didnt want to go. no pics sorry forgot

Any sucess from door knocking?
  still not really anything 

Favorite food this week?
Lasangna from my fav member here

Any questions for me?
Who is this sam that Jens has

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