Monday, June 29, 2015

305 days left

I knew that Nathan was getting married before you did...nener Elder Queiroz told me the week he got home but i havent seen a pic yet but thats fun that Sandy's going on a mission!! Anthony's already going out wow thats fun!!!

But for reals now it was a good week we marked a wedding that we are going to do on next Friday the 10th then after that we have a BAPTISM on the next day the 11th!!! WOOOHOOO his name is Osvaldo. His soon to be wife is a member and has been inactive for some time. We met her doing some contacts in the street and she said ohh im baptised in this church and we said cool can we come and visit you some day?? She replied "yes" But i never really think much of it cuz most of the inactive peeps are inactive for a reason and i thought that she would never call us but she ended up calling us and we ended up going to her house and teaching her and her soon to be husband and now they are going to get married this next saturday!!! 

We also have another couple that needs to get married!!  Camila and Washington. she is the neice of a recent convert and we are teaching them in their house!! Washington is a Funk DJ so we need to get him a new job. They both want to get baptized and together so we are trying to get this together as much as possible so we can make this baptism happen and one more happy family brought back to the lord!! 

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