Monday, June 8, 2015

326 days left

This week was a good week. We had 2 BAPTISMS woohhooo!! Djulio and Jhonatá. Djulio is the Grandson of maria that we baptised three weeks ago and DJ's mom also wants to get dunked but she needs to first get married or dump her BF so thats going to be a thing we need to see and also shes not in our area!! Thats the biggest thing that i hate about small areas with other areas around us cuz we have to pass all of them we cant baptise them cuz they arent in our area!! Thats the only sucky thing about small areas. So we are going to need to pass the referrels to the other Elders. Jhonatá is a family that we did a contact with about three weeks ago and we marked a date for the family but the mom and dad arent married so we need to get them married but they told us that they want to stay in their religion, but thats not really what they want to do. I know that they want to get baptised they just dont want to admit that the recived an answer that they need to get baptised! But we aren't going to give up on them we will keep going there and giving them the lessons and they are going to be baptised before i leave this area!!!! This week we have one Baptism, his name is Nagib, 25 and is maria's friend that lives at her house and then the week to come is Marcia who also lives with maria. But this is an amazing area and i can say now that here is now my FAV area!! We are doing lots here!!! I am going to do a fast for Aunt Sheryl next week! Love you guys!!!

 Do you get to baptize any?
I baptized Jhonatá

Elder Nixon and Elder Smith

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