Monday, June 15, 2015

319 days left

So this week was a good one we are really working hard to get done what we need to! Its been hard but not difficult cuz we are really seeing our fruits of our work and we have been collecting the good fruit we get!! This week we have Marcia to be baptised on Friday at 8 at night cuz thats like the only time she can do it!! She is a story teller and she likes to talk all about her past life!! I just want to tell her that when she is baptised she doesnt have to remember all the things in her past cuz everytime i go over there she tells us about a 20 min history of her life. I almost always loose my pacience. Then we have lots of others that we are teaching that are pretty cool!!

Love Elder Smith

Do you eat at member's houses all the time?
Everyday it'll be like this the rest of my mission

Do you ever eat with the President?
Nope hes always out of town or doesnt have time idk...

While we were in Snohomish with Fifes...we saw missionaries walking down the road...we rolled down our windows and waved profusely...ever get that? like utah missionaries are so bored of people waving at them...they're in a constant princess parade wave....:)
Yea here we get lots of "Hi Elders" mostly from other wards

Got any questions for me?
How many chickens do you have now??

Do you know I love you so much?
Yup i does

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