Monday, June 22, 2015

312 days left

Hey guys so this week was transfers but i didnt get transfered. Elder Queiroz went to Botucatu im my same area that i was so he'll get to meet the same peps that i know. Elder Conceção went to Hortolandia and Elder Souza and Silveira came here so we got to train them in the area so that'll be fun...not! We had a Baptism this past Friday!!! Her name is Marcia shes a friend of our RC and shes like 50 years old but she does some things that a 50 year old ladie shouldnt do, but now shes baptised and she can start all over again so thats good!! This week we might have another but it'll count for the sisters in the 4th ward but im still going to count if as mine!!! We need to get a bigger teaching group!! We've either baptised or droped most of our peeps that we're teaching so we gots to find lots more cuz we are running out of people to teach!!!! This week we have interviews with Pres. on Wednesday!! He started a new thing that if we get a certain amount of numbers in all the things we get to eat lunch with him at his house, and eat Sister Canutos food!! She cooks soo good!!!

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