Monday, July 20, 2015

284 days left

Its sooo HOT i hate heat!!!! I wish the Winter here was a true winter but its really not!! it gets to about 68 and people are already putting on like 5 shirts and like a big coat its kinda funny i just want some snow or some real cold... is it too much to ask for Brazil?? But other than the heat we are going to start knocking the same doors cuz we have basically done almost all the doors here in center... its not the best cuz here is %70 apartment. So its super hard to get to the people.. But this week we did well!! Next week is transferes and Elder Nixons death Hes not too trunky if anything im more then he is... but im doing work here and cant wait to see the results!!
Love you guys!!!!

Love Elder Smith

Is it today that you're sending your companion away? Or next Monday?  Is he trying so hard not to be trunky?  And is he doing a good job?

Nope next week he is still kicking!!!
​Where is Elder Souza from?  He's basically your companion huh?

Yea basically chinese hes from Fortaleza 

Seen many chickens just running around?
Every day!!

A couple weeks ago you sent 2 pictures of ties.  One cut up...What does that signify?
Cuz i cut it cuz it was super wide!!!

Did you know that Brasilia is the capital but Sao Paulo is the biggest city?  I put some fun facts on your blog the other day because I wanted to know when Brazil's independence day's sometime in September. 
Yup September 7th

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