Monday, July 13, 2015

291 days left

So this week my comp has been gone the whole week so i spent everyday with E' Souza which isnt bad its just that he is just soooo quiet like he doesnt talk with me on the street or anything!! He comes from a military family so i guess thats just the way he was raised. But this week was a good one it passed by super fast again! This 9 months is going to go by soo FaSt!!! 
So this week we are going to marry Paula and Oswaldo actually we are going to their house right after this and we are the going to the the place idk what its called... Cartório in Portuguese but we are going there in a little bit so this weeks email is going to be a little shorter than normal!! Love you all and all you love the lord!!

Love Elder Smith

can you get corn/rice chex? vanilla?
yea but there super expencive

Are you able to get Brazilian jerseys?  do they cost lots of money? Or can we get them here just the same as you can?
I think its best if you get them there cuz here they have the chance of being fake

Are you getting sad that it's almost time for your companion to go home?  Where in Utah is he from?
 He's from Colorado dont remember the city but nope cuz i hardly spend time with him...

How is Karina doing?
Well her baptism fell and so we are going to have to work on that a little more this week cuz she still has a problem with the WOW with coffee and black tea! so shes going to have to wait!

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