Monday, July 6, 2015

298 days left

Hey fam, so this week FLEW we are doing soo much work this week i didnt even see that the time had pasted soo fast i hope the next few months pass that fast as well. I'm liking the work here in Piracicaba lots of people here to teach and lots from OTHER AREAS!! If thats one thing that i dont like is the division of the areas here why cant i find someone and Baptise that person just like if they lived in my area i dont like the thing about the areas!!! We find ppl to teach and we teach them then we find out that they live in another area... Its the worst thing working in an area thats small with surrounding areas soo close!! ugghhh. But this week was soo good cuz we killed in the nembers area and we worked soo good!! This week is prolly gunna be the same as the last hopefully super fast and super good!!! I fasted for sheryl twice this week as well to baptise two people this month so that we can meet our goal!! But we got one baptism scheduled  for this week on saturday so hopefully that'll go through!! Pray for that!!!! Karina to be baptised on Saturday!!! Love you guys!!!
p.s. 1 year and 2 months down 9 months to go!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Smith

Did you get to watch the girls world cup? any of the games?
Nope didnt even know they were playing...(I chatted with him afterward and told him so sad about not even knowing about it.  He told me people don't care about women's soccer there... And Brazil did pretty good...they were top in their bracket and got out and lost to Australia)
What was your favorite thing this past week?
We worked soo much!!!

What are you looking forward to this week?
Ummm just working and Karina's Baptism!!!!

Teaching any new peeps?
Lots of new peeps that we teach for a couple of days then we drop then cuz they dont progress!!

What's your favorite primary song?
In Portugeuse "Segue o Profeta"

So I don't think I have followed your companionship switches very well.  The last companionship I have is Elder Nixon...have you had a couple since? and where are they from?
Nope still on Nixon but he is dying this transfer on the 27th so ill get a new one!!

I think I'm going to work on sending you a package soon.  I've got the list from last time, but anything else you'd like to add?
Lots of chocolate and treats Butter fingers and some gum!! i have a gum crave!! the good blue kind that come in like 8 packs for like $10 i think from sams club!

I'm not sure about these last two pictures...I will ask about them next time.

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