Monday, July 27, 2015

277 days left

Lets get it on like donkey kong!!! So this week was a good one me and Nixon worked together half of the week but the other half was at the office doing AP stuff... we met a really cool family that lives like 30 min by bus from our house but we are going to work in that area for the most of this week so we can get them baptized for this month!! I got a new comp his name is Elder Saunders from Texas i dont remember the city but hes been on the mission for a year and 6 months i think... not sure but i think thats it! Nixon will be going to Provo to go to school at BYU in August so i think he might come and visit you cuz i sent something with him to give to mom! We did lots of doors this week cuz we started working in the new area Alvorada so we are going to do lots there but we've almost knocked every door there so its going to be fun to get to knock all the doors again to get more peeps to teach!!
Hopefully we can get these peeps to the waters of baptism!!!
Love Elder Smith

Can you find a recipe from someone there to make Pao De Qeuijo?  You know, those cheese balls from Toucanos...
Yea ill ask maria if she can give it to me!!

Did you get your companion off in style?  Take tons of pictures, visit people, hug?
Yea he left this morning we didnt really spend that last day together.

Transfers?  Who's your new companion? How long's he been out?  Where's he from?

Is your companion an AP?  Same situation as before?
Yeps just like last transfer

Favorite food this week?
Parmagion chicken!!! the best

Thought about what you say to a new missionary?  Any advice?
not yet i didnt think of it this week! 

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