Monday, August 24, 2015

249 days left

So this week passed by we really did lots!! Im not even going to say anything about my companion cuz we only have worked together a minimum of a day and 2 hours this month... But besides that we are still working with Joamears family but we need to put a goal with them tho stop smoking and drinking coffee!! These are the two major things about Brazil ohh and marriage thats another LITTLE thing about here!! But this week passed by super fast i almost dont see the weeks pass by but i think i find them in the days as the pass!! But for reals we are doing TONS of door knocking im basically a pro at clapping my hands to call people in their homes!! and my feet have calluses on my calisesits super dross imma have to do a pedicure when i get home!! We saw lots of drug trafficking in the neighborhood that we are working and there arent any police that patrol that area!!!! But thats it this week!!!

Love Elder Smith

Do you have a return date?
Nopers not yet ;( 

What was your favorite meal this week?
stroganoff de frango 

Who did you eat with? And do you usually eat every meal with a member?
We will always eat with a member unless they cancel and then we go eat with Maria my recent-convert cuz she makes marmitex and the members pay her to feed us. So basically yes we eat with a member everyday!

Favorite thing this week?
We had an activity on thursday and we played a battleship game of our knowlege of the BOM and the last round was general knowlege and i answered a question in English cuz i didnt know how to say it in Poruguese and i got it right cuz the judge knew how to speak English!!

Last time you sent pictures, you sent one of you on a bridge over a river...where is that and what is the river called?  I think I'm going to use that to replace the picture at the top of your blog.  It's perfect.
Its here in Piracicaba its called Rio de Piracicaba but its drying out super fast!! and kinda stinky too!

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