Monday, August 10, 2015

263 days left

Hey guys so this week was amazing!!! We've been working with Karina for a couple months and last sunday she said that she wanted to get baptised and i told her that we could baptise her on saturday and so on saturday we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!! wohhooo so Karina was Baptised on Saturday! It was a good long two months to wait for her to decide to do this but she finely dicided to do this!! I had asked her if she was going to invite her parents and she said she didnt know if that would be a good idea...but then she called me on friday and said that her parents were coming to the baptism and i kinda got scared cuz her dad is super strong in another church, and he is slightly against ours but then President Canuto came to the baptism and i was really happy that he came and talked with him!! Happy day!!! 

Of course i remember the little birdies i remember i bore my testimony about that remember?? I dont know what about but i remember that i shared that story.

Yea Monica is a member here that her family helps lots with the church and with us in our work!! 

Favorite moment this week?
a mix of Elder Costa coming and the Baptism!!!!

What did they cook for you?
A soup called sopa de Cara i dont really know how to describe it but it was super good!!!

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