Monday, August 3, 2015

270 days left Coolest email yet!

I don't really need sunscreen its a joke cuz Elder Costa the area President is coming here to give a training on Friday and we need to be ready cuz he is going to come in with some heat!!! He is not a loving kind of guy. He likes things his way and the way of the BOOK nothing changes!!!!!!!!!!!! So it autta be fun to see what he has to say!!! So this week is the week of miracles!!!! We started with NOTHING to start out the transfer cuz we had dropped most of our investigators for a while to see if they can get better or if we can get new ones. But this Sunday really was a Sunday of miracles cuz Karina came to church and after Soc Soc she came to Gospel Principles and she sat next to me and she said "Hey remember that BAPTISM thingy??" and i responded "YES" she said "I think i am ready to change the life im living cuz i dont like it!!!" So then i asked her when she wanted to get BAPTISED and she said "as soon a possible!!" so i said Saturday cuz we still need to teach her algumas coisas so we are meeting with her on tuesday to make all the arrangements for the BAPTISM and things like that!!!!!! This is the COOLEST thing that has happened here as it comes to BAPTISM!!!!Ohh and the best thing is, is that we were Fasting when she said that!!! So that just strengthens my testimony on Fating cuz if we fast with a purpose it works!!!!!!! So Saturday will be her BAPTISM!!!! The second miracle on this day was that Irmão Buzzato he is SUPER rich and goes to the states frequently so this time we ate lunch at his house and for dessert he pulls out Ice Cream and Peanut Butter M&M's and when i saw those M&M's i freaked out I love them!!!!!!
Well that was my week not much of details but thats the miracles of the week!!!
Love Elder Smith  hey Fat Lard tots a fat joke

Ok, just think of something that you wished you'd known before coming out.  or that you had been more prepared to do?  just something for a new missionary.  ​
Dont be dumb with your studies cuz the more you study the more you can teach with the spirit the more ppl you can convert!! Or just flirt to convert... your choice
What you doing today?
 Prolly gunna sleep dunno prolly gunna fly some kites
Who cuts your hair now?
 Irmã cida has a hair school and so we get it cut by the students
Best thing this week?
 Miracle of Karina
How do you like your new companion? 
 IDK cuz we havent worked together at all this whole week and prolly the coming week!!
How do you like your fake (other zl companion) companion?
Hes cool so its the Assistants not the ZLs

Dads questions:
Do you think you'll be in Piracicaba for many more transfers?
i think so but im not sure cuz itll be my 4th transfer if i stay and thats a lotta time
Can you send back some more pictures?? we're running dry!
Yea ill send some now!!

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