Monday, December 7, 2015

144 days left

Hey guys so I'm back in Piracicaba in the 2nd ward with E' Portilho from Belém do Pará (north) and E' Soria from Uruguay Montevideo and they are ZLs and im senior comp but i dont do anything for the companionship... But its all good!! We have been and will be working SUPER hard this transfer cuz we dont really have a teaching group so we have to build a new one!! But im really seeing the blessings from working so hard. We have a lady that we are strating to teach and she sings the songs for the FSY in Portuguese so we took her to the baptismal font and invited her and she accepted. So we will have a baptism on the 19th of December!!! woohhooo we knocked more then 300 doors in 4 days!!! so thats a lot of work!!! But i think itll be a good one!!! 

 Ty with his trio companionship.
Elder Smith with his buddy Elder  Fonseca (not really his name but nephew of Walstir)

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