Monday, December 21, 2015

107 days left (Updated time left according to transfer dates)

You know what patience is... now i can really say that i do know what and how it is, it is not very easy... Today he left the house with out telling anyone and we got on him for that!!!! We were cleaning and he just left for the pharmacy and came back like it was nothing... He doesnt realize that it effects others!!!!!!! But other than that it was a good week!! Super tyring and long. But im just thinking of the last week in march to go HOME!!! Super close its crazy!!!!
Love you guys!!!


  1. Patience is a great quality to gain on your mission. I'm still learning how to be patient.

    End of March - that's our spring break! Maybe we'll get to see you. I love how your family plans important events around our trips ;) - birthdays, missionary farewells/homecomings, accidents. :) xo

    1. Why didn't I see this?! It's so true! Made me smile. Our spring break is first week in April...hopefully it'll coincide!