Monday, December 28, 2015

100 days left

Hey ya'll how do you do?? Im missin the cold weather there at home!! (I here its super cold -12 degrees C. which is 11 degrees F.) (not sure about doesn't sound correct)  wow thats cold!! I dont know what to say cuz we just talked on friday... But ill tell you a funny cathlic joke... There was a drunk man that was watcing Mass and when it was over he waited a little bit and then the Father came to him and asked him if he was on foot and he said no i have my bike, so the Father said may Saint Mary and Saint George and Saint Francis of Rome accompany you and your journey home!! So the drunk got on his bike and started to go home and on his way home he fell, and then he said i knew that with so many people on my bike it wouldn't work well!!!! 

AHHHHHHHH that was soo funny when i heard it!!!! I hope you guys laughed!!!! 
But thats about i for this week until next week!!! Peace love and BOM's

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