Monday, December 14, 2015

137 days left

Hey so i have my first and prolly only son!!! His name is Elder Gordillo from Campinas he is a special kid for me cuz he isnt all the way there ya know... he has no problem mentally but he is just a little slow with everything... but im doing my best to train him and to help him to have a good mission and to help him to be the missionary that i wish i was to have a good training and a good time with his mission. This week has been a good one we started in a trio and then on Tuesday we got a phone call from Pres. and he told me to get my room ready for two cuz i would be getting a new comp that is fresh from the MTC and so we went home a little early that day to get ready the room. Then we went and picked him up at the office then we went and ait lunch with Pres. at a BBQ place so that was cool. The next part is that i need lots of patients with him cuz he is super slow (like walking and stuff) and i need to learn to walk slower and to help him walk faster but thats it this week!!!! 
Love Elder Smith


How is your teaching coming?  You said you might have a baptism this upcoming week? 19th?
Well now that im not in the trio its not going to be my Baptism anymore cuz we split at the biggining of the week and shes from the other area...
How is your ward?  Are they pretty supportive of the missionaries?
The ward is cool is super small and lots of RCs 
I'm assuming you haven't received my package yet right?
Nopers not yet!!! Super excited!!!!

 Ty and his new companion that he is training with his Mission President.
 Having lunch with his Mission President.

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