Monday, February 1, 2016

59 days left (more more accurate date)

For lack of other title good sleep is cuz we have started sleeping in the living room instead of in our room cuz its more airish and nicer!!! This week went by super fast we did lots of stuff and had lots of fun!!! We did lots of things with little results but thats how it is here we are working really hard to get someone to teach but they are all sooooo not interested but we are doing what we need and waiting to find that ONE ✴ to put in the 🌊 so we are just going to keep searching !!!!
 I always like listening to Bro Eckstein speak hes just so good!!! 
Im super excited to get home and see you guys but i still gots some work to do here so dont worry bout me imma kick this missions butt before i go home!!!! 

Love Elder Smith


What're you going to do today?  Laundry?  Hair cuts?
Yes YEs and sleep!!!!!!!!

Do you get to see Monica or Virgillio?
almost like weekly about i talked to Monica about when i was going home so that we can see each other there!!!!

Favorite thing about your companion?
He's a dork so it makes it fun

Favorite dessert that you've had there?  I hope you're keeping/getting recipes!!?
imma learn a couple recipes for desserts and stuff!!!

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