Monday, March 21, 2016

11 days left

So this week FLU like it was SUPER fast i didnt even see it go by!!!! Holy moly only 10 days till i get o hug you guys!! I cant wait for the moment that we see each other in the Airport!!! its going to be CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like i dont even know what imma do when i see you guys!!! Some one here asked me who i was going to hug first and i said whoevers in my front!!!! haha well aside from that the week was super good!!! We dont really have very many people pregressing but we are going on a rescue mission basicly to see if the members that are on out list really live at that address or if they moved and stuff like that!! We have met lots of cool people that have fallen awasy from the church for silly reasons but others have reasons that dont really even make sence like they had a dance in the cultral hall and then next morning they had to clean up stuff and didnt like the disoganization of it all...stupid things like that...haha is funny...and then there are others that have reasons that are sort of logical like one ladie didnt really understand the purpose of the Gorments and the Why she had to use them... so we are going back there this week and going to try and explain it to her to see if she will come back to our church but we'll see...other then that not much to do... fun times...

Love Elder Smith

How are you a better person from serving a mission?
Idk i think i have a better understanding of the world and how not to be of it and to be a better member missionary!!
Is today going to be the last time you write? Or do I get 1 more week?
One more email!!!!
Who are you going to miss the most from there?
Lots of peeps not just some but TONS
When is your mission president's time up? Aren't you glad you only had 1?
He goes home in July and yes i dont know if i would have liked that...
How is that family doing? Any other prospects?
Like i said we are focusing on the rescue mission... not really progressing but we'll see
Favorite food from your whole mission?
Feijoada (black beans with a whole bunch of meat and stuff) Super good!!!
What food do you miss that I make?
COSTA VIDA!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to hug you baby.

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