Monday, March 7, 2016

25 days left

So this week we did lots of stuff we went to a new neighborhood to knock doors and we didnt find one person who was intrested so that was bad... but we have a family that we are teaching that are super catholic but we showed them the restoration video and the wife cried and we are going to go back there this week!! We have lots of cool members in this area so its going to be a good last transfere!!! I like Elder Diaz hes a funny dude!!!
Wll thats it for this week!! Love ya'll lots 

#23daystillimtherehuggingyouguys #needtostartgettinggoodathashtags... 
Love Elder Smith

How's the work going? Got just one more investigator? Push hard!
going just dandy lots of DOORS

Like your companion? Can you send me a picture of you two?
yes i do hes super cool and chill

When is Monica coming? And how long is their stay?
I think that they are going to be there the 28th or 29th until the 6th

How are you getting along with your companion?
super well hes super funny!! Super cool 

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