Monday, March 28, 2016

4 days left!

Well this is it!!! The last one... I dont know what to think to be honest this week has been a little weird cuz like we have been working alot and it just doesnt feel like im going home yet... But now has started the anxiety i only sleped like 4 hours last night and i just dont know what to do now... I have all my bags packed and ready to go to Piracicaba and do what i need to do there and GO HOME!!!! I dont know how i shoud be feeling... Its kinda weird... The Branch President asked me to give my Last and final testemony on the mission yesterday it was strainge!! Im going up to Piracicaba on Wednesday morning to eat lunch with Pres. and have the last interview of the mission... Then i head off on Thursdayafternoon to the Airport THEN IM HOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! hehehe I cant wait to see all you peeps and the rest of the Fam then get to work as Scofeild Scout Camp Aquatics Director WOooHoooo (maybe if all goes well on friday the 9th) If all goes well which i hope it will... But thats about it ohh and today imma go to Sumare to see some of my first area peeps and see how they are and hug them all!!! So ill see you guys in four days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Smith

What are you going to do this week?!!
Today im going to Sumare to see some old friends!!
What are some of your thoughts as your heading out?  Bittersweet I bet.
IDK what to think its weird!!!!
What's the schedule for heading back to the mission home?
Wednesday i will go to Piracicaba in the morning and eat lunch with Pres. and then go visit peeps from Piracicba!!
Have Monica and Virgilio left already?
Yes i think they might even be in Utah at this time but idk!! Send her a FB message and ask her Voces estao aqui em Utah ainda 

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