Monday, March 14, 2016

18 days left!

Man this thing about going home is super weird it hasn't really hit me yet that im actually going home like its almost like a joke... I dont know what imma do after this life on the mission... I feel soo unprepaired to come in to the real world and do real people stuff!!! Its kinda freaking me out but at the same time im ready for it!!! 

But this week was fun it was my comps Birthday and we had some fun i gave him a hotdog cake cuz he didnt tell anyone it was his b-day... so i made him a hotdog with the ranch sauce that you sent me for christmas. 
This week went by super super fast we did lots of stuff we hung out with a family alot this week and also did lots of other stuff this family is super cool their names are Christiane and Eider and they have two little girls Eveline and Alice we went to their house almost every day this week to talk with them and to give them the Recent convert lesson that we have to give to them. We marked on saturday an FHE with them the cathlic fam and another girl that we found the day before and when we got there they hadnt even gotten home yet so we waited a little bit and then they got there and we saw them and 2 other cars behind them and we thought wow this is gunna be a BIG FHE but then everyone started coming out and we saw people with beer coming to the house and we looked at each other like ohh fech well this sucks so we didnt really have an FHE we had a PHE (party home evening) but it was fun the members didnt drink only eider family from his side drank so that was okay not even our investegators drank but then we went home and now its monday!! Today we helped a single mom clean and empty her little 4 foot pool filled with rain water so it was Dross, then we ait lunch and now we are here... that was the summary of our week...

Cant wait to see you guys and be home with ya'll. 
Christian get my Stang ready for me (just start her and see if she still starts!!) plz
Jens prep yourself for ultimate workout when i get home!!!!!

How is your sweet catholic family progressing?
Yea so they are still like hooked to the catholic church its sad to see them not know/understand then gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who has been your favorite companion so far?
Elder N. Pearce by far the best 6 weeks ever

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