Monday, July 7, 2014

day 68

So this week has been pretty chill not much to talk about but we have been teaching an 11 year old that lives with his aunt and is wanting to be baptized so we`re teaching the lessons to him. He is really smart, when we give him things to do he does them further then we ask him to do. I think he might be baptized this next saturday but not sure we havent really givin him a date yet. We also have one guy that we`re teaching that is progressing alot hes been to church three times (you have to go to church at least twice before you can be baptized) and i think we might invite him to be baptized next lesson. But the Pesquisedore that was really progressing has slipped way down. He started a job that only works on sat andsunday, so he cant come to church cuz he has to work.
The reason i say Brazil celebrated the 4th is because Brazil played on the 4th and every game day is a holiday so in a way the celebrated it.

But thats about all i can think of so until next week...
Love Elder Smith

I'm sure you haven't gotten my package yet..have you?
Nope not yet it usually takes a month to get a package

Who has written to you?  And have you returned a letter back?  Have you written Ryus? He'll leave for Canada on Tues/Wed of this week.  Can't believe it already. 
nope but i will right now!!!

How often do you eat with members?
We have lunch with the members every day except when they dont make anything then we make stuff in casa.
The biggest meal is almoço (lunch) and so we hardly every eat Jantar (dinner) 

Your companion looks older?  How old is he?

Since your companion is almost done is he getting pretty trunky?  Or is he still obedient? 
he isnt really getting trunky just been sick this whole week and so we`ve been in casa alot.

Brazil is doing good in the world cup..does everyone think they can go all the way?  Who do you think will win? 
The way their playing i think they will beat germany but w/out neymar i dont know how well they`ll do against argentina

Is it still pretty cup?
still same thing its a party every day Brasil plays

Tell me your favoritest moment this week...
We went to the bishops house to watch the brazil game!

Have you got anymore pesqidoros?  is that what they're called?  I can't remember...
Pesquisadores, quazie (close) we have gotten lots of referels but since santos has been sick we havent really gotten to them.

Do you have any questions for me?
Is dad still thinking about selling the stang?

I love saying means breakfast in German.  Are there any words that you love saying in Portuguese?
Droga (freak,drugs) depends on how you use it...

We wondered how the Brazilians feel about the people of Portugal...where they both speak Portuguese?  Are they friends?  You know cause people of spain think they have the real spanish language...
Brasil was independanced from portugal. but portugal thinks that they have the real portuguese. But its ALOT different then Brasil portuguese.

How do they say a rooster crows?  dog barks? cat meows? etc.  I thought that was the most interesting thing when dad said that Spaniards said it differently then we had learned in America.

Galo cante (Rooster sings) Latidos de cachorro (barking dog) miados de gato (cat meows)

What made you laugh this week?
The only thing i can think of right now is that when we were having Almoço with the members living above us and how they all would try to speak english with me. Its funny.

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