Monday, July 14, 2014

day 75 Alemanha!!!

Alemanha = Germany...they just won the world cup which is being held in Brazil...if you didn't know...

So concerning the world cup we got to watch the final game at Francisco's house. We have two sisters in our zone from Argentina, and they were all happy that Argentina got to the final and they like to make fun of the Brazilians here cuz they all thought that Brasil was going to win. We have zone meeting tomorrow and the sisters are going to have to hear alot of guff from my companion. This week we didnt really teach a whole lot of lessons cuz we've had meetings almost everyday! We havent had a whole ton load of success with the investigatores we have. We are mostly working with less actives now cuz that's what the bishop here wants us to do! 

Thats about all from Elder Smith
Love Elder Smith 

How have the people been after the loss of Brazil?  Did you watch the Germany/Argentina game?  I guess you were rooting for Brazil to win...
The Brazilians dont really have patriatism like the USA does. They are all rooting for Brasil when they win but when they loose they give up on Brasil. 

How far away is Argentina from you?  Could someone drive there from Brazil?

1,816 mi they could but i dont think you'd want to...

Favorite experience this week?
Would prolly have to be the multi zone meeting, where three zones got together and had a meeting with presidente and we had a really good lunch and together with all the americans and talking to them all and seeing where/what they were doing after the mission and ALOT of them are going to BYU after so theres alot of friends that ill have.

What is the address I should send packages to?  Did I send it to the correct address? 
You sent it to the right address for the mission but one of the members here went to america for his mission and really likes peanut butter and jolly ranchers if you could send some to Francisco He'll give it to the member and the member can pay some too. 

I forgot to ask Brother Fransico...How old is their child that is still at home?  They have two that are married, one missionary and one more...??
The daughter at home is 18 and her name is Francielle

Have you written everyone that's written you?
I havnt gotten to that yet...

What are you going to do for pday?
I dont know yet prolly just chill at home...

Got your package yet?
Nope prolly wont till transfer but i doubt that ill get transfered cuz presidente doesnt like to change things alot.

I haven't written Ryus yet...did you? what'd he say?
Nope i havent either...gotta get on that!

You look skinny boy...are you eating good?
Yup we eat with the members almost everyday and we eat A TON!!!

And when we are done eating they say "comé maís Elder" (eat more elder)

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