Friday, July 11, 2014


Just wanted to share a little fun thing that happened this morning... 

I received a friend request on fb..from someone I didn't know and I was a little apprehensive to accept.  I researched out their name and if they/we had similar friends. We didn't.  That didn't sit well with me...I usually get old high school friends (from germany) that want to add me...and even then I'm a little careful.  It was a male who had a pretty picture of a woman as his fb picture.  That made me uncomfortable too.  The more I researched, though, I got the idea that he didn't speak English and that he was a member of the church, he had pictures of the I thought he was safe. What could it hurt? I could always unfriend him right?  Within seconds of accepting his friendship, he pm'ed me.  Boom! I was scared.  Here are his exact words...

"oi wendi i am Francisco a friend of Elder Smith, and i want the recipie for costa vida please thanks"

I laughed and laughed! and teared up a little bit. My baby was requesting this. This gentleman is the person who lives upstairs and is renting to the missionaries in Brazil and who feeds my missionary everyday. He didn't speak English but was using google translate and I hurried and found your recipe and translated to Portuguese. I hope they can understand everything and that they can find all the ingredients.  

Isn't that funny!??? I loved it!

We have since become besties! It's so nice to talk to someone in the same mission as your child. It's an immediate connection that you get.

 Yummy lasagna that his companion made.

 Lunna, their cute puppy.

This was on another day...the caption...
"making your son fat!"

I only talk to the people in the apartment. I haven't talked to Tyler at all. I use google translate when they talk. It's great! I'm really grateful for this technology. How lucky (sortudo) we are!

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