Monday, July 21, 2014

day 82 Eu vou ficar aqui (I'm staying here=not transfering)

So this week has also been not the most productive. Its the week of transferes and im staying here so i dont have to move. Pres. didnt move many people. So i think i might kill M. Santos but i dont know thats two transfers away so if so ill have spent four transferes in the same area. 

(I'm about to go to girl's camp next weekend and the place that we go is called Mia Shalom)

The camp mia shalom is just around the bend from scofield and when we had to evacuate last year mia shalom was closer to the fire then we were. congrats on winning the Nutella para bens. Christian i want to know what your going to do with the ladie sitch. Jens whos the new ladie...? Where is cascade springs? Dont remember where that is... I didnt know that brooklyn was on sytyc Que chique.

Well thats about it so im off tchau
Love Elder Smith 


what is their money called?  
Reals pronounced "Heals" and centavos

is having a picture list helpful?  cause i sent the rest for the rest of your transfers.
Ha i didnt really do that much but i did get all the pics that it has on it. But ill do better with that.

what you going to do today?  
We went to Matão today and are still here thats why im e-mailing so late prolly gunna return to our area after this.

Is your laundry caught up?
Yup. since its just us two we have a free machine all the time.

Do YOU ever cook anything for your peeps?
nope dont have recipies or american things to cook with... ;)

What's been your favorite food so far there?
Elder M. Santos has been making hamburgurs alot lately and i like those.

What foods do you miss? I'm still working on sending that fact it prolly won't get sent till after girls camp.  I'll see what I can do this week.
i miss chinise food like Panda ohh and with that package could you send an american football or two? doesnt matter if their big or little. 

Are the pottys the same? Like Christians?  How bout warm water for showers?
well i'll send a pic but the chuveiro (shower) is electric. 

what does your neighbor do for a job?  do they both work?
They own a cabeleireiro a hair cut place and francisco is a barbor and damiana is a mani pedi ladie (dont know what their called)

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