Monday, July 28, 2014

day 89

Hey guys this week as well hasnt been the most productive. Still working with the Less-actives and trying to reactivate. Im sorry mom that you`ve been so busy and stuff for camp but i`ve got a feeling that you`ll love it up there. And the experiance will be one of amazing things. I have no idea who that is... KC Herbert no idea... but WOOHOO parabéns for him. Is the puppy super fat? Or are the dogs here just super tiny? prolly the second one... ;) Thats funny that they are just now reading my records... THATS FREAKING AWESOME THAT T-WEBB IS LEAVING SO SOON I'm so happy and excited for him When is it going to be Channys turn kkk...
Love Elder Smith
(the pic attached is a drawing of me that Elder Meira did of me while we were waiting for a  baptism interview for the elders of matão. The sencond one is of my zone after the transfer)

are there lots of bugs out at schofield?  I'll prolly hate it huh?!!
Theres not really a ton of bugs up there more by the lake but your no where near the lake so youll be fine. and your going to have a great time!!

Brother Lowe asked how you're doing?  I just say "good!" is there something more specific you'd like responded?
Nope just good make something funny up...

Got any prospective baptisms coming up? or still working on inactives.  Do you feel unproductive?
above still working with inactives 
Have you been feeling healthy?  Been sick or had a cold since you've been there?
yup healthy as santa at Christmas time. 

What kind of service have you done there?
Havent really done any... nobody needs stuff done...

What have you learned from the Book of Mormon that you didn't know before you left?
all that i can think of is the dross thing cuz thats funny 
Do you have to pay for your laundry at a laundromat?
nope we have a laundry machine at our house all mission houses have them

Got any questions for me?
How has this calling changed you for the better??

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