Monday, February 22, 2016

37 days left

Yea so this week i received my last confirmation on when im coming home, March 30th i will be flying out from SP, to Atlanta to, SLC and ill be in SLC around 10:40ish in the morning. Im super excited to come back to my family, but im super sad to leave my Brasilian family. I know i will come back and see them, but its just one thing that i know that has it to happen!! But today is transferes and guess what!!!!!! IM going to die in a completely strange area which i did NOT want to do!!!!! But gotta do what ya gotta do... But im going to Hortolandia the "land of the Garden" Im going to be comps with Elder Dias "Days" Hes a hispanic born in USA and moved to wherever hes from... 

imma die happy working in a new are and hopefully Baptising!!! So this week we moved from our old freaking house and we moved to another New (old) house New for us but old for the house like the age!!!! But other than that that was our week!!

Love Elder Smith

Do they in Brazil eat a ton of rice and beans?  Or is that just spanish cultures?  Is there something that they eat with every meal?
Yea we have Rice and Beans FOR EVERY MEAL!!!

Have you eaten anything like brownies there?
Yes there is a bakery that is for rich ppl and they have Brownies there

Tell me your service opportunity...what service opportunities you think you could be doing if you haven't been doing any?  Remember that's your specialty!!!
does it count for myself?? and other missionaries???

So are you moving to be safer and away from your neighbor?
As well but its just a flippen old house

Tell me about your fhe lessons you taught to the recent converts?
So this family is super like "falling apart and so we got together to do a familys are together forever messege so that was cool to help them!!!

Are you ok with Julia singing a solo for your homecoming day?
YES that would be amazing

What are you most looking forward to coming home?
Driving!!! and having money!!

You know the picture on the top of your blog?  Have you even seen that anywhere in  your mission?
Negative never seen it dont know where its from...

Is there anything you would tell Courtney Child about her missionary in Teresina?  Like advice wise?  Or what to send him?
Its super HOT and Humide there!! My first comp is from around there. Its a good place. Super receptive so she can be sure that hes going to be treated super well!!! Dont worry about him being hungry.

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