Monday, February 29, 2016

32 days left

thursday 31st 9:10 pm to atlanta 5:50 am leave 8:05 SLC 10:25 friday morning
HERRRROOO So i just called the secretary of mission and asked him the final itinerary for my return! So i will leave here SP at 9:10 pm and arive in Georgia at 5:50 am then leave for SLC and arrive at 10:25 am.

Any ways This week was pretty good we are opening an area and so we dont have ppl to teach so its just knocking doors!! I now do not like the sound of clapping hands cuz thats what we do to knock doors but i know that im just helping to build up the foundation here in Hortolandia. Other than that its been cool with Elder Diaz. He is acctually American and his parents are from Columbia so hes American, Colombian. 
Super cool cant wait to see you guys!!!
Love Elder Smith

How long has your new companion been out?
1 Year and 7 months 

How's it been with him?
Super cool he is super funny so we get along just great!!!

What is different about your new area?
Its a little bit more poor people so its easier to get in houses 

What people are you teaching?
One dude named Neto (grandson) funny But hes a cool dude that is looking to be Baptised so we'll see what his fiancé says about getting married sooner than planed !!

Are you collecting recipes?
Sort of

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