Wednesday, February 10, 2016

49 days left

Hey guys how you doing is your boyfriend gettin you mike and ikes? Do you like Mike and Ikes??? HAHAHAHA funny!! Well this week went soooo fast we did lots of stuff like work and work and more work!!! I got my death call on monday saying that i would be going home on the 30th of march and that i would be home on the 31st at like 9 am or somthing like that idk times yet but soon soon we will know!! We were working with a family here but we went there yesterday and i asked what they wanted from us and they said just to learn more about us!! I asked if that would change anything in their lives or if it was just studies with us!! And they said just to get to know we have no intentions of moving relegion!! So that sucks!!!
That was our week!!!
Love Elder Smith

are you allowed to sleep on pday? 
Yes we can do whatever!!
Do you have work at all on pday?
as of 6pm we have to on the street
when is the next holiday there?
we just had carnaval so thats why we're emailing today!! 
what is the season like now?  summer?
HOT HOT HOT HOT super summer. Gunna be one of the hottest of recorded history!!! 😈
what do you think is the thing you miss most?
The food and the people and speaking Portuguese  
Got a date yet?  Get your death call?
Got it on monday and its March 30th

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