Monday, February 15, 2016

45 days left

Hey guys so im not trunky at ALL im just getting all these phone calls from the office asking me stuff about my flights and my airpoirt that i want to go to and stuff like that!!! I tried to get the Provo airport but Provo doesnt have flights from Georgia to get but SLC is cool beans!! So ill be going from São Paulo to Atlanta to SLC prolly at like 10ish or so. Any ways our week was pretty fun we did lots of door contacts and we didnt really get much out of it but whatevs. This week we are going to move into our new house!!!

So this week we had a special episode of cops in front of our very own house, our neighbor George, he is kinda a druggy and one night we heard him and his wife (GF) (housemate) fighting and we heard lots of YELLING AND breaking of things so that was kinda scary but like at 9:30 at night the cops pulled up right in front of our house for another reason like it wasnt even for our neighbors but then at like 10:00 our neighbor comes out and starts yelling at the cops ant then they start yelling at hime and twlling him to go back inside and then George starts yelling just KILL me just kill me and itll all be over. That was kinda scary so we just sat back at the far room and just listened to it the rest of the night!! Kinda scary but its a good thing we are moving!!!
But thats about it for this week!!

Love Elder Smith

Does Brazil celebrate Valentine's day? or have a similar holiday?
June 12th is when they have their day.

What are you going to do today?
we have an FHE with a recent convert!! Fun

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